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The company Oikodasos Ltd has been certified and applies a Quality Management System according to the principles of EN ISO 9001:2008 for the subjects:

- Surveys (Studies)

  • Forestry: Management of forests and mountain rangelands, forest utilization and arrangement, mountain basins, streams, reforestation, forest roads, forest transportation, installation and training, correction and completion of forest maps

  • Landscaping configuration and projects of surrounding environment

  • Environmental impact of technical projects and programs and special environmental studies on protection and management of natural environment

- Providing counselling and support services to forest management and environmental protection actions.

The company has identified the processes taking place during the implementation of the quality management system. The definition and the combination (interaction) of the processes aim in achieving all the quality objectives and therefore, the constant improvement of the system. These processes have been defined by taking into consideration the size and the diversity of the company's activities, and the capabilities of the personnel involved in the implementation of the system.