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This site section aims to serve as a portal for technical information and services included in the chain forest-wood production.

Considering that innovation is an integral part of business strategy, the main purpose of OIKODASOS Ltd. is to provide a high level of innovative consulting services to maximize productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of businesses and organizations active in the Wood Production Process and Wood Products.

Examples of activities and research approaches:

- Creation of new and better infrastructure related to research and innovation in the field of environmental management of wood

- Providing knowledge on the production of timber products.


The main core of our philosophy is:

a) The process of strategic analysis and b) the operational long-term-thinking


Unlike traditional consulting companies, OIKODASOS Ltd.:

· Specializes in the implementation and not just in the study and theoretical solutions

· Focuses on achieving immediate results that lead to long-term and sustainable success


OIKODASOS Ltd. has significant experience, the knowhow and appropriate methodology for preparing specialized studies and research. It follows high standards and is in constant connection with specialized national and international organizations to ensure the accuracy and completeness of studies.

As part of our effort for creative contribution, we have established this information center regarding Innovation and Entrepreneurship and providing support and guidelines for appropriate sources of information. Here, at regular intervals we will be posting informative material on entrepreneurship, EU regulations, practical guides and standards for business plans, studies, news and topical articles on entrepreneurship and creativity.